5 Reasons why we need Global Change Against Rape

Posted 29th November 2019

The United Nations UNiTE Campaign calls on people from all walks of life to learn more and take a stand against the rape culture that surrounds us.

1. Marriage is not a license for violence. Nobody is entitled to their partner’s bodies. The UK only criminalised marital rape in 1991. 

2. For millions of girls around the world, rape is not surprising or uncommon.

3. Why didn’t she report it? 

4. Because rape is not just an act committed by one person, but also a pervasive culture that feeds on silence.

5. Laws must protect women, and yet impunity prevails around the world.

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If you have been affected by sexual violence, support is available 24h a day at SARC Teesside: 03333 44 8283


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They were lovely and made me feel comfortable. Out of hours staff were lovely as well. Talked to me and made me feel at ease and safe

Female, 18, Medical Examination, Police Interview

Brilliant, could not of got through this tough time without all the help from staff. Thank you for everything

Male, 20, Support Session

The staff are really helpful and lovely they could not have done more

Female, 35, Police Interview

Excellent, very supportive, listened and gave good advice. A massive thank you to the staff for being so supportive with my daughter and myself at this traumatic time for her. You do an excellent job.

Female, 47, Medical Examination, Police Interview
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